• The Great Gypsy Round-Up and the Porajmos, the Roma people’s silenced history


  • 8 April – International Roma Day

    This year, the celebration is focused on the importance of the right to health as an aspect of liberty and equality.

  • November 5th. International Day of the Romani language https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/consell-municipal-poble-gitano/sites/default/files/Banners%20facebook_2.png
  • Gelem gelem

    International Roma anthem

  • International Roma Day 2019 https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/consell-municipal-poble-gitano/sites/default/files/Banners%20Drets_2.png
  • International Roma Day 2018 https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/consell-municipal-poble-gitano/sites/default/files/8_ABRIL_A_548x311_2.jpg
  • International Roma Day 2017

    The day allows sharing with the whole city the diversity and richness of Roma culture.

    https://img.youtube.com/vi/WsIFiUe2Bhs/0.jpg WsIFiUe2Bhs
  • DIKHANDOJ 2015

    II Photography Contest Awards. April, 8

  • Barcelona Municipal Council of Roma people https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/consell-municipal-poble-gitano/sites/default/files/17036298087_1d8f6c63f3_o_2.jpg
  • Na Bistar 2014! Recognition of the Roma genocide

    Presentation of "Na Bistar 2014!" campaign ("Look and don't forget 2014!")

  • International Roma Day 2014

    Celebration to recognize the history, language and culture of the Roma

  • International Roma Day 2013

    Knowing the reality and culture of the Roma, a rich and diverse culture

  • International Roma Day 2012

    Tribute day to Roma who suffered discrimination

  • The Shoah, remembrance ceremony

    International Day in memory of Holocaust victims 



‘Barcelona des de casa’, the website with information, resources and care advice to tackle Covid-19

Thu, 26/03/2020 - 19:03

COVID-19. The website provides information on all municipal measures under way because of the state of emergency.

Statement from the BMCRP on the Ruling from the European Court of Human Rights

Tue, 02/06/2020 - 15:00

Reporting. The Court expressed its condemnation of the dismantling of camps in Paris inhabited by Roma individuals originating from Romania.

The Great Gypsy Round-Up and the Porajmos, the Roma people’s silenced history

Thu, 16/07/2020 - 08:19

Commemoration. Screenings and conferences on 30 July at The Born Cultural Centre.