Digital transformation

Utilize technology and data to provide better, more affordable services to citizens, making government more transparent, participative, and effective. Strike a New Deal on Data to expand socially beneficial uses of data, while guaranteeing data sovereignty, ethics & privacy. Provide access to Internet for all. High-speed internet connectivity is not a luxury but a right for all citizens; it's an absolute necessity for economic development and social mobility in the 21st century economy.

Technology for a better Government

The City of Barcelona's government has set in motion an ambitious plan for digital transformation that will place the City Council in the vanguard of efficiency, transparency and social innovation.

This plan includes strategic projects to counter social problems detected as government priorities.

Featured projects

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Urban Technology

The Barcelona Digital City Plan guarantees that the city has the digital infrastructures it requires for its overall management and to ensure uniform public cover for all the needs of city residents.

These infrastructures are the means for improving the services provided to city residents and to face such major urban challenges as housing, unemployment, social exclusion, health, energy and mobility.

City Data Commons

As city residents, we leave a digital footprint in our everyday lives. The progressive digitalisation of society means that this footprint is getting larger and larger, and it can be used for various purposes.

The City Council is aware that data is a prime asset in the knowledge society and it therefore believes that it should be socially perceived as a common asset. It promotes this view in order to achieve the democratic, open, transparent and regulated management of this resource.

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