Open & Agile Digital Transformation Toolkit

Open-digitalisation programme: free software and agile implementation of Barcelona City Council services that defines the process of profound, progressive change in the way the city will offer its services to the general public in coming years.

A decided change that puts the general public at the centre of designing "digital by default" government services focused on technological sovereignty, free software and open code, and the ethical use of data, in order to be more open and transparent. Using agile methodologies and open technologies in order to be more effective. And transforming public contracting in order to promote innovation in the local talent industry, strengthening the country's small and medium-sized companies. A change that eventually leads to a more open, simple and enriching relationship with the general public as a whole.

Digital services standards

A set of criteria for the development and management of digital services for citizens, in an agile, open and user-centered way.

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Technology code of practice

A set tech policies and directives mandating the use of open standards, open source and ethical data management.

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Agile methods

Principles and practices for the agile transformation of Barcelona City Council in the delivery of digital services.

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Technological sovereignty

The implementation of technological sovereignty in the delivery of BCN City Council's digital services.

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ICT Procurement Handbook

The definition of a new model of relation and partnership with technology suppliers, based on the Code of Technological Practices.

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Innovative Public Procurement

The transformation of procurement to obtain solutions that are tailored to the real needs of society, while helping companies to be more innovative.

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Government measure concerning ethical management and accountable data: Barcelona Data Commons

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