The data on income and expenses of Barcelona City Council available to everyone

The Open Budget is a tool that aims to facilitate the analysis and understanding of Barcelona City Council's budgets by citizens and all those people or organizations that may be interested.


From the most aggregated budget data to the detail for the last and current fiscal year.


What has been budgeted with what has finally been carried out.


Data in open formats and browse the entire web in Catalan, Spanish and English.

What data do you want to explore?

Global vision

Get a general idea of ​​the income and expenses of Barcelona City Council.

Budget detail

Navigate through the different budget items.

Invoiced expenses

We show you the detail of the expenses invoiced to the City Council.

Some examples of expenses


  • The income and expenses shown include only Barcelona City Council.
  • The amounts shown as budgeted refer to the final forecasts and appropriations of the budget.
  • Expenditure data for policies, programs, and subprograms have been homogenized in accordance with the current program budget structure.