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From income to expenses

Local collection

It is carried out through direct taxes, such as the real estate tax (IBI) or mechanical traction vehicle tax (IVTM), and fees, such as garbage collection.

Other sources of income

The money collected locally is complemented by transfers from the General State Administration and the Generalitat de Catalunya, which are in charge of collecting other income such as VAT and personal income tax.

What is it used for?

The City Council uses the money raised, along with other sources of funding such as debt, to maintain the city's public services and infrastructure.

Income and expenses in Barcelona City Council

Nominal quantities
Real amounts (adjusted for inflation)


Executed income

Budgeted income
Income Budgeted Executed


Executed expenses, total:

Budgeted expenses, total:
Expenses Budgeted Executed

From income to expenses

Income Expenses

The calculation of the subtotals uses the execution figures for the years whose liquidation is closed, or the approved budget otherwise.

Budget indicators Quantity



  • The income and expenses shown include only Barcelona City Council.
  • The amounts shown as budgeted refer to the final forecasts and appropriations of the budget.
  • Expenditure data for policies, programs, and subprograms have been homogenized in accordance with the current program budget structure.