1 January, 2018 - 00:01 to 31 December, 2031 - 23:59

The organization Experimentem amb l'Art (We Experiment with Art) has an ongoing and permanent call for applications for a residency stay at its studios.

The EART residency is open permanently for applications to gain access to its studios as they become available.


The EART venue space offers an ideal context for developing a community made up of everyone involved in fostering a burgeoning interest in contemporary art as an educational tool. The resident artists are a fundamental part of this community and so the Residency is conceived as a site for inspiring and forging new links and relationships. 
Besides this, Experimentem amb l’ART makes available for its resident artists every means of promotion at its disposal to make the work they do visible. At the same time it is a space offering the advantages of training resources and support networks for the creative activities offered by the establishment.

Artistic Discipline


Target Candidates

More than anything, EART wants to hear from artists who want to present, articulate and link their projects and creative process to the EART community and the wider public, and who are open to participating in, suggesting or leading educational activities connected to their arts practices.

Residency Duration

The length of the contract with the venue is two months.


Experimentem amb l’Art
C/ Torrijos, 68
08012 Barcelona

Application Deadline

Permanent open call. Selection determined by availability of spaces.


Basic services offered by Residency

  • Free access to studios (every day of the year without time restrictions)
  • Communal kitchen 
  • 300 m2 courtyard (peaceful and sunny space)
  • Fibre optic connection
  • Bathroom accessible to disabled people with changing room for infants
  • Cleaning service for shared spaces


Varies according to dimensions of studio. Available sizes are 10m2, 15m2 and 20m2. From approximately 130 €/month per person.

Application Submission

To apply for the EART residency you must send a dossier in PDF format with the following information to the email address francesca@experimentem.org:

  1. Covering letter: How do you think your work can be linked to the organization’s educational projects? What proposals could they give voice to? What do you think your work can bring to the reality of participating in a context such as the EART Residency? 
  2. Contact details (email, telephone)
  3. Period in which the applicant is interested and during which they would be available to take part in the residency
  4. State preference of individual or shared space
  5. Statement (brief conceptual description of the artist’s work)
  6. CV
  7. Dossier of recent work
  8. Website/ blog

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