Residencies at CRA'P (Creation and Art Research Practices)

1 January, 2018 - 11:34 to 31 December, 2031 - 23:59

The objective of CRA'P (Creation and Art Research Practices) is to develop works undertaken from the perspective of collaboration and the exhange of experiences, without predetermined deadlines or prior notifications. The philosophy of the organization is to adapt as far as possible to each project, whether in terms of the calendar or financial contribution of resident artists. The projects can be related to both artistic creation and research. 

Artistic Discipline

Research and creation projects around scenic practices and contemporary performative art and their dissemination.


CRA'P offers

  • A workspace for the time period agreed
  • Flexible working hours
  • The chance to participate in CRA'P activities


CRA'P requires

In exchange for the residency, CRA'P requires from the applicant some form of contribution agreed in accordance with the length and conditions of the stay. These compensations might consist, among other options, of a year’s membership and/or developing a public outreach activity, a workshop or an in-progress presentation.

Application Deadline



Anselm Clavé 67, 3r
08100 Mollet del Vallès

Application Submission

To apply for a residency, the applicant must send to

  1. Details of the project
  2. Artist/Group CV for residency applicants
  3.  Forecast of dates and hours required
Contact information: 

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