Open call On-the-Fly

1 July, 2021 - 00:01 to 5 September, 2021 - 23:55

on-the-fly is a Creative Europe project committed to support the development of the European Live Coding practice. It is a partnership between Hangar, ZKM | Center for Art and Media KarlsruheLjudmila and Creative Coding Utrecht.

This call will award 3 grants to develop research projects involving live coding practices. on-the-fly gives an opportunity to develop research projects centered on live coding practices working in Barcelona, Karlsruhe, Ljubljana, Utretch. The residence has the aim to give the resources, facilities and materials to develop live coding hands-on projects. Residents are expected to present the results in a public presentation at the end of their stay, also to document their projects and share them with the community.


Possible topics (but not limited to)
Live coding performance, live coding composition, live coding embodiment, online live coding, live coding collaboration, live coding improvisation, live coding process, perception of live coding, live coding game, esoteric live coding, live coding and artificial intelligence, live coding and machine learning, live coding and body, live coding and dance, live coding and autonomous agents, live coding and tangibility, live coding and digital communities, live coding and domain specific languages, live coding and virtual reality, live coding and electronic DIY, live coding and gesture…


The residency offers
– Researcher fee
– Subsistence costs
– Roundtrip travel costs
– Production costs
– Access to facilities and equipment, peer to peer mentoring


Who can apply?
Researchers, artists, developers and members of collectives of all ages (over 18 years old) and nationalities working in the field of live coding.



Hangar: one-month-long residency.
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe: one-month-long residency.
Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory: three-weeks-long residency.


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