Stage ‘Refuge’ – Plan for Arts Residencies at Can Clariana Cultural Centre

21 June, 2019 - 00:01 to 21 June, 2031 - 23:59

Can Clariana is a Civic Centre with a strong involvement with Stage and Dramatic Arts; for this reason it hopes to be a refuge for creation, a meeting point for groups and companies that would like to develop arts projects whether in the field of theatre or dance, circus, performance poetry or different arts of movement.

Arts Discipline

Stage Arts

Target Candidate

Open call aimed at emerging artists as well as professionals of any age and career path.

Length of Residency

Each residency may be of a different length. A previous agreement will be reached with the organisation, assessing both the stage of evolution of the project and the period of time required for its further development.


  • Rehearsal space: each company will have access to a rehearsal space for the days and hours previously agreed between the company and the organisation, as well as use of their infrastructure (speakers, wifi, etc)
  • The organisation will appoint rehearsal spaces and timetables according to the needs of each project and the capabilities of the centre in line with its programme schedule.
  • Store: companies can make use of a storage space, where they can keep stage props, wardrobe and small pieces of scenery (with everything properly identified). It should be noted that Can Clariana does not have a spacious storage room and, therefore, if the company is bringing large pieces of scenery, it should speak first with the organisation to assess the capacity of the space available.
  • Remuneration: once the residency is over, companies will agree to make some remuneration to Can Clariana, whether in the form of a show or workshop. The format will be decided in advance between the company and organisation.
  • Support with communication: Can Clariana will agree to help disseminate the piece through mailing, social media, posters and other methods considered by the centre to be necessary for this means of support.
  • Can Clariana will make available, for all collectives requiring it, an accessible and simple tablet system intended for companies that don’t have their own technical team. This system allows for easy access to working the projects, sound and lights (a limited function). A short technical run through will be needed prior to use as well as an agreement on days needed for use.


Obligations of the company or collective

  • The company will agree to add the Civic Centre logo, as well an acknowledgement of their participation as a resident company at Can Clariana, to all their visual and communication material, both as part of their remuneration and in future performances of the piece.
  • Provide the technical rider a minimum of three weeks before the performance of the show, as well as a simple technical guide for the day of the performance. Artists must adapt their rider to the technical materials available at Can Clariana.
  • Respect the date and hours agreed in the technical guide organised for the day of the performance.
  • Read the agreement of commitment and the hiring of space norms of usage.

Application Deadline

Open call throughout the year


Centre Cívic Can Clariana Cultural
Carrer Felip II, 222
08027 Barcelona

Application Submission

  • The application form, which can be downloaded from the Can Clariana website, must be completed properly.
  • Send a detailed dossier of the project: attaching project content, its current state and the aims and intended end result of the residency, mentioning all aspects considered relevant for its overall assessment. CVs of company members must also be attached, whether they cover a full career or a specifically designed for this particular project.
  • Please send all information (dossier + application form + agreement of commitment) to
Contact information: 

Tel. 93 763 72 99


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