Corporative Social Responsibility criteria

The Corporative Social Responsibility (CSR) is based in the commitment of organizations and companies to voluntarily apply ethical and environmental criteria in the operations and relations with its different groups of interest like workers, customers, suppliers and the community with who they operate, beyond the limits of the current legislation.

The increase of consciousness on the part of the organizations and of the companies about the impact that their performances and decisions have on the environment, have led them to adopt social and environmentally responsible measures.

In the web site of the Week of Corporative Responsibility and in the portal of Social Responsibility of Catalonia you will find information on several companies, associations and foundations that adopt ethical criteria in their activities, as well as information about the concept and the frame of reference of social responsibility.

Moreover, the Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility is an entity born of a set of representative organizations of the civil society that tries to be concerning in this area and to promote the correct use of the RSC.