How can I visit Horta's Labyrinth Park?

How can I visit Horta's Labyrinth Park?

If you want to go with your school:

The activities for groups of schools and students are managed through the School Activities Programme (PAE) or through the office of How does Barcelona work? For groups of students to the email or to the phone +34 933 262 223. For more information click here.

If you want a free visit:

Prepare your visit and see schedules, prices and how to get there here.

Tuesday and sunday it is free. 


You can also discover the secrets of Labyrinth Park from home through this digital resource: ImPARCdible Laberint d'Horta.

If you want to request a visit for groups: (the visits can be in catalan or spanish)

The visits to the Horta's Labyrinth Park are framed in the environmental education program How does Barcelona work? Included in the vector Green and biodiversity. They are offered in the program of four-month activities for individual public of La Fàbrica del Sol or for groups of adults and families of a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25.

You have to consider:

1) The activities for groups of the program How does Barcelona work? have a public cost that can be consulted in the comments section of each activity or here.

2) Organize a group of 10 people minimum and 25 maximum, La Fàbrica del Sol does not organize groups nor manage them. Each group must have a responsible person. In order to adapt to the covid regulations and ensure the safety measures, these conditions are subject to what Procicat dictates.

3) Go to the web page of requests for groups, there you will find all the necessary information to request a date and time. Read the safety regulations and the observations before making the requests.

4) We will contact you to close the date and time of the activity. Non request becomes a reservation without the response of the staff of La Fàbrica del Sol.

If you want to do the visit through the aules ambientals programs: (the visits are in catalan)

1) Consult the activities of the aules ambientals or Barcelona environmental equipment network (XEAB) progams

2) Check if the activity The art of visiting a garden: the Labyrinth Park is programmed.

3) Enter the event and sign up for the activity. For the activities from XEAB, you can request a place or two per registered user in la Fàbrica del Sol site. In case the activity is full you will be registered in the waiting list and if there are any casualties we will contact you.


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