How the cooperatives work

A Cooperative is an autonomous association of people who group themselves voluntarily to face their economic, social and cultural common needs and aspirations through a company of joint property and democratically controlled. It is based in principles established by the International Cooperative Alliance (ACI).

These organizations implement the cooperative values of mutual respect, solidarity, responsibility and collective work. It has as a purpose to achieve dignity and satisfaction of those who constitute it, as well as achieving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the project.

The ACI has described the seven Cooperative Principles that constitute the philosophy of cooperatives, these are not independent from each other, on the contrary, they are totally interrelated. The principles are:

- Voluntary and open adhesion

- Democratic control

- Economic participation

- Autonomy and independence

- Education, training and information

- Intercooperation

- Interest in the community

A cooperative can be useful in diverse sectors as the agrarian one, that of consumption, that of credit, the sanitary one, that of users, etc. To know more you can consult different web pages that can ensue from your interest.