Paths|Ways and routes

Do you know which environmental and cultural routes you can do in Barcelona?

From La Fàbrica del Sol activities are carried out like:

The art of visiting a Garden, routes guided by the parks and gardens of the city of Barcelona

Ways of water, routes guided by the fountains and the spaces of water of Barcelona

Urban Agriculture, routes guided by the urban vegetable gardens of the city (net of municipal vegetable gardens, community horst, spaces of research)

The web site Be B of the Town Council of Barcelona contains a great variety of walks for the city, sport circuits and activities in the parks among other of options and in the web site of Barcelona culture you can find an extense offer of cultural itineraries, some of which touch environmental subject matters.

In the District of Horta-Guinardó have developed a series of itineraries to discover the wealths of the District: The Historical Routes in Horta-Guinardó. In particular each are 10 landscape or ethnographic itineraries related with historical aspects of which centered on an area of Horta-Guinardó. Shod well and enjoys your city!