Saving and efficiency

Do you know which measures you can apply in your house to reduce the bill of the light and to contribute to decrease the greenhouse gas?

The energy is necessary so that we can live well, but it is not necessary to waste it and can have a responsible use, like this we will help to reduce the gases with greenhouse effect at the atmosphere and, moreover, will save in the bill of the light.

Welfare does not mean an every time higher energetic consumption, but to have the necessary services in the suitable moment. The key for a good quality of life is to have to enjoy the services with the minimum energy consumption.

Some practical advices to reduce the expense to your house energetic are:

- Opening the blind and the curtains to use the light of the day to the utmost

- Not leaving the lights switched on in rooms or free zones

- Switching off the conventional fluorescent tubes when you are out of the room of 10 minutes more, to offset the pike of ignition

- Using bulbs LED because they make more light with less power than the conventional ones

- Make a use rational of the computer devices and to switch off them when they do not use. Not leaving for them in stand-by

- Achieving a good thermal isolation to avoid the entry of sun in the summer (blind, awnings) and to avoid the losses of heat in the winter (good isolation in walls and ceilings, double glass, curtains, etc.

- Regulating well the systems of air conditioning (to maintain a temperature of 21º C in the winter and a maximum of 26º C in the summer, with a maintenance in both cases of a relative humidity sanitary napkin between 30% y 70%)

- Using appliances of the category A (the most efficient in saving of water and electricity)

- Not to use the oven or the microwave to defrost (far-sighted being is better: taking out it with anticipation and to defrost it in the fridge)

The Factory of the Sun you have to your disposition "The rucksack of the electricity to regime", a material in loan to be able to know the consumption of electricity in your house and this way to be able to reduce the expense. In the web of l 'ICAEN you will also find advices and measures of energetic saving in the home.

And if the that flights it is not only to reduce your bill of the light but to check that the electricity that you are consuming comes from renewable sources, at present you can hire cooperatives of green energy how We are Energia that they offer you this possibility. At number 24 of the magazine Options you will find advices about the types of more efficient bulbs that there are in the market and which light it is more suitable for each corner of your house.