Take part in the “Revamp your wardrobe” parade

recycling. Accept the challenge and join the #DesfiladaRenova by creating a renewed look.

Accept the challenge and join the #DesfiladaRenova by creating a renewed look.

Public spaces, where we can develop as a community and relate to one another, are not available, as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Unfortunately, the spring edition of “Revamp your wardrobe” provided for in its two categories cannot be held in its usual exchange-market format, as we only have two interaction spaces: our homes and the digital environment.

Which is why we at the City Council are giving our support to initiatives from organisations to pose a challenge for their followers and, between them all, to organise the first Revamp parade, which will finish on 5 June, to mark World Environment Day.

How can you take part?

  • Get hold of the clothes you’ve got tucked away in your wardrobe and which no longer use.
  • Recombine or transform them and then try them on.
  • Record a video or take a video of yourself parading through your home.
  • Publish the video or photo on your Instagram profile with the phrase: “Jo allargo la vida de la roba i em sumo a la #DesfiladaRenova.” [“I’m prolonging the life of my clothes and joining in the #RevampParade]
  • Invite three friends to accept the challenge.
  • And add the hashtags #renovalaroba, #renovalarobajove and #PrevencioResidusBCN to go even further.

How can you spread the challenge?

  • By sharing the video link through your website channels, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and inviting your contacts to take part in it.

Go for it and take part in the first #DesfiladaRenova, made with recombined and transformed clothes, and remember to share your experience through social networks.