Imaginary Journeys
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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 Jacobo Sucari

Imaginary Journeys
Three audiovisual stories by Jacobo Sucari


Thursday 22 April, 7 pm. Espai 4.
Introduced by Jose Luis Corazón Ardura and Jacobo Sucari

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Imaginary Journeys is a series of portraits of cities in which the languages inhabiting the urban landscape intersect. It is a travel document told through a subjective story including history and absurdity, whose roots lie in narratives about remote cultures and unknown territories: a literary genre of fortune seekers, sailors and anthropologists.

"Viajes imaginarios I, Buenos Aires, recorrido 39"

Portrait of a city in which the languages inhabiting the urban landscape intersect. This first chapter of “Imaginary Journeys” is a tour of the city of Buenos Aires, of its history and myths.

A creation documentaryDuration: 17 min
Conceived and directed by Jacobo Sucari
Produced by J. Sucari / La 12 Visual / CERC
Year: 1995
Selected in the “Video Signals” itinerant exhibition by seven museums of contemporary art. 1997.

"Viatges imaginaris II, expedició al Besòs"

It is the second chapter of the Imaginary Journeys series. It follows a route along the Besòs River, from Montcada i Reixac to the river mouth 16 km further south, on one side of Barcelona.

It is a typical Mediterranean river with a course flowing by towns and industrial estates, creating a unique landscape for the eyes and nose, but impossible to touch. The journey begins at the source of one of the tributaries of the Besòs and follows the river to its mouth at the sea. On the way, it features encounters with the people who live on its shores and the types of agricultural and industrial work that form the basis of their livelihood.

A creation documentary
Duration: 20 min
Conceived and directed by Jacobo Sucari
Produced by J. Sucari/Generalitat de Catalunya
Year: 1996
Grants for projects of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Selected at the Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival. FICMA.

"Israel on my mind"

tThe third chapter of the Imaginary Journeys series is an audiovisual anthropological inquiry that moves through territories crying out to be discovered through the language of their inhabitants: it constructs a story on the basis of their history, their social imaginaries and their speakers.

“Imaginary Journeys III. Israel on my mind” is a film that investigates the past, present and future of Israel, a territory that has been immersed in war for more than seventy years and faces a very complex situation. Two Israeli citizens tell us about their roots in this land of fiery intensity and devastating light.

Recorded and edited by Jacobo Sucari
With the participation of Lance Hunter and Yoav Lorch
Duration: 28.30 min
Israel – Barcelona
Year: 2018-2020
Premiered at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. First public showing. April 2021.