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Latif Al-Ani

La Nit dels Museus
Guided tours


Saturady 14 May
Free entry to exhibitions

7 pm - Latif Al-Ani guided tour

In the two-fold liberation of Iraq from colonial power and the yoke of religion, after the Second World War, the photographer Latif Al-Ani, one of the first in Iraq, played a key role, portraying the rapid urban and social changes in the country, which Saddam Hussein and the bombardment of Baghdad in 2003 brought to an end.

8 pm - Empty Images: guided tour with Oriol Vilapuig

The images in the work of Oriol Vilapuig (Sabadell, 1964) are not artistic matter or language but a kind of poiesis, in other words, a trigger that generates meaning and invites us to consider both the position of the artist and the stances of those who approach them.

9 pm - Marguerite Duras: guided tour with Valentín Roma

Marguerite Duras (Gia Đi.nh, 1914 – París, 1996) is a rare example of a cult author who has also become a popular icon. Her fifty-six books, nineteen films and a dozen screenplays, together with her lesser-known work for television, occupy a highly influential place in European literature and film from the second half of the 20th century.

10 pm - "In the Belly of the Beast" guided tour

In the ardent search for an answer to the chaos and routine that dominate life in the socialist Bolivarian Republic of the 20th century, A and J lead us on an adventure through the belly of the criminal beast. We will walk through prison spaces, through the strongholds of the warlord: an elusive figure who represents the macho military authority characteristic of a violent and heroic culture.