The Wrong Class
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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The Wrong Class
Kiko Amat and Valentín Roma


With Kiko Amat, writer, and Valentín Roma, curator of the exhibition.
Tuesday, 29th January, 7 pm.  Planta 0
Free entrance, limited places


Kiko Amat will talk to Valentín Roma about the UK in the period 1974-79 and beyond. Margaret Thatcher’s victory in 1979. “Labour Isn’t Working”. Was Callaghan really the worst prime minister in 200 years? Whitechapel. Tower Hamlets. Glasgow. Holidays at Butlins. Brixton. The dole queue. Everton, Liverpool. Squatters. Teds. Ulster. Nazis. Anti-Nazis. Riots. “Living with Unemployment” and “The Boiler”. Oi!, punk, anarcho-punk, disco, post-punk. “The kids from all around”. RAC. ANL. Cable Street. Enoch Powell. Two-Tone. “I’m an Upstart”, “War on the Terraces” and “In for a Riot”. From the Winter of Discontent of 1978 to the Grenfell Tower of 2017. And the activities of the Exit Photography Group: Nicholas Battye, Chris Steele-Perkins and Paul Trevor.

Kiko Amat (1971) was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat, in Barcelona’s urban fringe. His father was a rugby player and his mother an auxiliary nurse at the local mental asylum. He dropped out of school at the age of 17 to become a mod, a kleptomaniac, a record buff, a newsstand attendant, a cashier at McDonald’s, an assembly line worker at the SEAT plant in Martorell, a watchman in a campsite, a commercial postman and a waiter in a big London hotel. He has published the novels El día que me vaya no se lo diré a nadie (2003), Cosas que hacen BUM (2007), Rompepistas (2009), Eres el mejor, Cienfuegos (2012) and Antes del huracán (2018), all with Anagrama. He has also written two books of non-fiction: Mil violines (Random House Mondadori 2011) and Chap chap (Blackie Books 2015). He writes regularly for “Babelia” in El País, El Periódico and “Cultura/S” in La Vanguardia, and since 2011 he has directed the Primera Persona festival at the CCCB. He is currently finishing his sixth novel.