Art espiritual andí, laboratori d'aprenentatge comunitari

Andean spiritual art. Ayni as a sacred reciprocity
Laboratori d’Aprenentatge Comunitari


Virreina LAB
18 h
Free entry. Limited places

Andean spirituality is a form of knowledge that understands nature as a whole of which we form part. It also understands that each of us is a whole that is in constant cyclical movement and maintains a harmonious order of complementarity and interdependence with others. Andean spiritual art recognizes the spirit of life in all the animate and inanimate beings that make up life.

Ayni is the great ancestral secret that today revolutionizes our perception of reality and the way we relate to everything that exists. Juan and Iván Núñez del Prado take us directly from the descendants of the Inca to a way of living life in which we are no longer divided and at odds with the outside world. Through their dedication and love for the subject, they have translated the original wisdom of the land of Cuzco by putting together a set of useful skills for modern society.


Within the reciprocity workshop that will be held in the Community Learning Laboratory between February and April, we are pleased to offer this public session with the Andean teachers Juan and Iván Núñez del Prado. They will present one of the concepts that is most deeply rooted in Andean spirituality, the offering, an act of reciprocity with life through offering the best of each person to others. The people of the Andean latitudes discovered and recreated the principles of harmony inspired by the laws of nature, recognizing in their spirituality that life is sacred and is organized according to an order of roles that stresses the importance of respect, complementarity and dialogue between all beings on the planet.

This activity forms part of the reciprocity workshop organized by the Community Learning Laboratory.


Juan Núñez del Prado is a renowned Peruvian anthropologist and Paqo (Andean priest) who has spent almost fifty years studying the Inca tradition in his native Andes. During this time he has enjoyed first-hand contact with the Q'ero people, the direct descendants of the lineage of the Inca, and he has studied with great masters of the region such as Benito Qoriwaman, Andrés Espinoza, Melchor Deza and many others.

Iván Núñez del Prado has worked together with his father Juan and the great masters, studying the tradition and being initiated from the early age of seven years. In addition to being a Paqo, he studied Industrial Engineering and is an ontological coach. Through commitment and passion, he has transmitted all his learning over the last almost forty years to thousands of people in the US, Europe and Peru.

Art espiritual andí, laboratori d'aprenentatge comunitari