seminari imperi mig

Art mediation and coloniality
Carmen Mörsch


Carmen Mörsch
Simultaneous translation English – Catalan

Espai 4. 7pm
Free entry. Limited places

This seminar will discuss ways in which feminization and paternalism in art mediation have been constructed historically. Thereby, a few considerations will be brought forward in regard to a) the fact that this field still is dominated by a female workforce and b) the fact that the field’s hegemonic discourse about a deficient Other, who can be rectified/rescued by means of art education, is grounded in modernism, hence the establishment of nation states, colonial empires and capitalism. Interdependently, since its inception, this field has also offered spaces for resistance, appropriation and subversion. It is thus a space where the struggle for hegemony is taking place. This seminar is an invitation to consider collectively possibilities and potentials of art mediation understood as a critical, decolonial and transformative practice in contemporary times and from a global perspective.

Prof. Carmen Mörsch is head of the Research Institute for Art Education at the University of Arts, Zurich, Switzerland: Her research interests include the history and present of artists in education; collaborative and transformative practices in art and education; art education; and queer/postcolonial theory. She is a member of the network “Another Roadmap for Art Education”, which unites researchers and practitioners who seek to analyse and develop art education in an emancipatory and decolonizing perspective: