moby dick

Cinema on the threshold (screening: Moby Dick)
Topographies of Urban Discrepancy


Friday 21 April,  7 pm. Virreina LAB
Free entry. Limited places

The fragile city inhabits the flip side of the planned city; it is inherent in it, although it represents its contradiction. It is an invisible, amorphous, fragmented city, the only thing in common among its fragments being their disaggregation from the great image-city.

From the resident research platform at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge “Topographies of Urban Discrepancy”, we propose a series of activities open to the public to share a variety of approaches that are sensitive to this fragile city.

Moby Dick  is a film that tells the story of an impossible quest amidst the uncertain cityscapes of post-industrial Barcelona. Slippery ways of life appear and disappear, bringing us into contact with some evasive characters. Characters who trade in scrap, steal, gamble, and hang around jails, disused factories and fairgrounds. Characters who have enough time on their hands to pose for a long while in front of a pinhole camera, but are incapable of being still, so their image is always blurred.



Moby Dick

Spain, 2002

DV, 95 minutes. Colour

Photography: Laura Sigon

Editing: David Vericat

Sound: Dani Fontrodona, Natxo Ortúzar

Music: La Lidia

Mixing: Juan Sánchez “Cuti”

Assistant director: Sadrak Zmork

Script: María Fernández

A film by: David Fernández and Jordi Vera

moby dick
moby dick
moby dick
moby dick