Forty years since the attack on ‘El Papus’

Memory. A plaque in C/ Tallers commemorates the attack against freedom of expression which killed one and injured seventeen.

A plaque on the front of the building at C/ Tallers 77, where the editorial office for El Papus was, commemorates the attack on the weekly satirical magazine forty years ago. The attack on the freedom of speech left one person dead and seventeen injured.

The attack on the satirical publication by the fascist organisation Alianza Apostólica Anticomunista, known as La Triple A, was one of the most significant attacks against press freedom not only in Catalonia, but in Spain as a whole. The letter bomb killed the concierge in the building, as well as injuring seventeen people.

The memorial which has been installed remembers the events, as well as the institutional silence and impunity of the terrorists. That silence was only broken via demonstrations of support and solidarity from citizens towards the press, which took the form of a demonstration and a strike by some of the most important media at the time.

This is a new example of the municipal will to regain the memory of relevant events which shaped the history of the city, as with the homage to the victims of the Hipercor attack and the inauguration of the remodelled Plaça del Cinc d’Oros.


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