Ridding the city of Francoist plaques

Memory. Following the removal of Francoist plaques in Nou Barris and Gràcia, 570 others will now be taken down from housing blocks in Sant Andreu, L’Eixample and Sants-Montjuïc. There should be none left in the city by the end of the year.

In keeping with the desire to get rid of any traces of the Francoist dictatorship, work has started to remove the 570 plaques identifying housing built during the dictatorship in the streets of Sant Andreu, L’Eixample, Sant Martí and Sants-Montjuïc. The plaques follow the 737 already removed in Nou Barris and Gràcia, meaning there should be none left in the city by the end of the year.

The Commissioner for Memory Programmes, Ricard Vinyes, explained: “Removing these plaques is not a whim. During participatory processes this was always a priority demand from citizens”. Vinyes went on: “For the sake of democratic health, they shouldn’t be in the streets of the city, but we’ll preserve them at the history museum because they are heritage which we can use for educational purposes and exhibitions”.

Out of the total of 570 plaques, 177 are in the district of L’Eixample, 150 in Sant Martí and 128 in Sant Andreu. A further 162 were deteced in Sants Montjuïc, of which 117 featuring Francoist symbology were removed last month.

A few months ago, 163 plaques were removed in Gràcia and 225 in Nou Barris, with 6 still left to be taken down. In the rest of the districts, where plaques will be removed by the end of the year, Horta-Guinardó has the most, with 258, followed by Sarrià-Sant Gervasi with 230 and Les Corts with 34. The presence of these symbols in Ciutat Vella is negligible.

Act 52/2007 on historical memory ascribes local administrations the task of removing Francoist symbols in all buildings and other public spaces. In the private sphere, the City Council has taken a proactive approach to get rid of the Francoist legacy, with all owners and local residents receiving prior notification of the removal of the plaques.


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