2030 Agenda, Digital Transition, Sports and Territoria an Metropolitan Coordination

Areas of responsibility

  • Bolster the implementation and follow-up of compliance with the sustainable development goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda.
  • Develop a digital transition strategy to advance towards e-Government and guarantee city residents’ digital rights
  • Facilitate access to municipal information and actively publicise the public services and policies promoted by the City Council to raise awareness and improve them and to monitor government action in a democratic way.
  • Provide direct support for citizens in matters that affect their relationship with the City Council in particular and with the rest of the institutions in general.
  • Promote bilateral relationships with other cities and strengthen Barcelona’s participation in the main international networks and organisations in which the city is represented.
  • Promote sporting activity and sport in schools, in addition to the sports facilities required to develop them.
  • Coordinate relations among the districts in the territory and oversee the City Council’s representation in the AMB and in other municipalist entities.
  • Protect animals and develop policies to guarantee their rights and co-existence as part of the city’s community.

Report 2020

Annual Report Area 2030 Agenda, Digital Transiition and Sports (Report in catalan)

Subject areas

The 2030 Agenda emerged from the major agreement signed among the 193 member states of the United Nations consisting of 17 sustainable development goals that intervene in the environmental, social, economic and institutional spheres. Barcelona City Council has committed to promoting the implementation and follow-up of compliance with the 2030 Agenda, both within the municipal structure and in Barcelona city, and to seeking alliances with civil society in the economic sectors, as established in the sustainable development goals.
We propose using technology and data to provide better, more accessible services, and to achieve a more transparent, participatory, efficient government to advance towards e-Government and to develop new digital rights. We would like to provide universal high speed internet access and broaden social uses of data to guarantee their sovereignty, ethical use and privacy
Our objective is to promote a local sports policy where sport is a tool for education, health and training, for conveying positive values and for encouraging and improving social cohesion through universal access to sports. To achieve this, we will manage the sporting facilities and amenities in conjunction with the neighbourhoods’ sports and associative fabric.
Barcelona is committed to defining a territorial strategy in conjunction with the rest of Barcelona Metropolitan Area's stakeholders, which includes all the city's neighbourhoods. The challenges facing the city and affecting its neighbourhoods are often at the metropolitan level. The City Council proposes thinking on a metropolitan level while acting locally in each of the 73 neighbourhoods by implementing the Neighbourhood Plan both in the city and on a metropolitan scale, as a way of helping to reduce inequalities.
The objective of the City Council’s international policy is to promote Barcelona’s interaction and involvement with the rest of the world through participating in different international areas of action and in international activity. The two main lines of action to strengthen Barcelona's position in the context of world cities are promoting bilateral relations with other cities and strengthening Barcelona's participation in the main international networks and organisations in which it is represented.
Barcelona City Council is committed to adopting measures to improve citizens’ trust in its institutions and their representatives. Transparency management, access to information and accountability go hand in hand with implementing ethical values that bolster the integrity of the municipal public sector. This policy is mainly developed through the Office for Transparency and Best Practice and the Ethical Mailbox and Good Governance.
Barcelona City Council makes various general and specialised communication channels available to citizens through which they can make consultations, report incidents or complaints, carry out municipal procedures and receive information about the city. Its objective is to respond to citizens’ queries regarding information and processes in an efficient, practical, personal way using the different support channels: telephone, online and in person.
Barcelona is committed to the welfare of the animals that live in the city. This is why Barcelona City Council, supported by different entities and volunteers, supports co-existence with and the defence and protection of animals. In this line, one of the main objectives is to advance towards a new Zoo model in which this facility becomes a centre for conserving biodiversity and for contributing to conservation, research and education.