Survey Barcelona

Una mirada fotogràfica sobre les transformacions de la ciutat, 2015-2023

Adrià Goula and Diversos Autors

A collection of photos that show the changes and the transformation Barcelona has undergone in recent years. This photographic project provides a snapshot of Barcelona and the various interventions carried out in the city over the last few years, ranging from major transformations in public space, new facilities or social housing, to small actions in streets and squares.

Ten photographers have worked in parallel to produce a testimony of the changes the city has undergone in recent years. This great collection of images, of different kinds and styles, can be organised in two ways, which correspond to the two volumes of the book: a first volume featuring a selection of photographs by each of the photographers and a second volume in which they explain, one by one, the city projects. Two volumes which complement each other and offer a full and coherent view of all the interventions as well as new architectural contributions and urban developments carried out in Barcelona in recent years.

The project is much more than a book inviting people to walk around this new transformed and transformational Barcelona A specific website has been created for all the content in the Survey Barcelona project, with images included, in Catalan, Spanish and English:

Volume I: Mirades [Views] (168 pages)

Texts by Adrià Goula and Valentín Roma 

Volume II: Projectes [Projects] (144 pages)

Text by Xavier Matilla Ayala. Conversation between Eva Franch, Margarita Jover, Carme Pinós and Janet Sanz 

The photographs that appear in the two volumes are the work of Milena Villalba, Andrés Flajszer, Pedro Pegenaute, Aitor Estévez, Jon Tugores, Xavi Bou, Joan Diví, Adrià Goula, Maite Caramés, Pol Viladoms and Simona Rota. 

Urban planning

What are them saying

"És gràcies a la fotografia que podem conèixer la metamorfosis, tant arquitectònica com urbanística, de Barcelona. Una mirada fotogràfica sobre les transformacions de la ciutat, 2015-2023 explica l’evolució ecològica que ha fet la ciutat en vuit anys."

Technical Data

  • Publication language: Catalan
  • Year: 2023
  • Pages: 312
  • Cover: En estoig
  • Format: 33 x 22 cm
  • ISBN City Council: 978-84-9156-462-1
  • Publishing distributor: Xarxa de Llibres



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