Barcelona 1957

Leopoldo Pomés

Leopoldo Pomés (Photography)

La Fábrica

An attractive woman walking down Balmes street, a man from Barcelona, a doorman at the entrance of some house in the Eixample, anonymous pedestrians walking along the Rambla..., black and white images that tell the story of a city from a particular epoch in time. A "tremendous amount of compressed humanity" in eighty stunning photographs by Leopoldo Pomés, making up an overall view of Barcelona from the late fifties. This is a photographic project that lay dormant for more than half a century, stored in the drawers of a cabinet. The texts are in Catalan, Spanish and English.

  • Catalan Spanish English

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    22 x 27,5 cm


    • Photography

    • Franco's regime

    • Neighbourhood

    • Art

    • City

    • Society

    • Culture