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You can walk along Barcelona’s streets, shop and enjoy quality leisure time, all thanks to its network of commercial, restaurant and catering establishments.

To continue boosting these sectors and to take them into account when implementing policies that affect them, Barcelona City Council has created the City and Commerce Forum, a consultative and participatory body with the capacity to influence how Barcelona’s commerce is governed.

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What is the City and Commerce Forum?

The City and Commerce Forum is a tool for encouraging participation from sectoral and regional organisations as well as commercial sections of general employers’ organisations, representatives of institutions and municipal and external experts. It is governed by internal operational regulations.

It aims to be a space for dialogue between the city’s municipal government, the various commercial sectors and people of recognised standing. 

What are its functions?

Notable goals include: studying the role that commerce needs to fulfil in the city; analysing the problems of coexistence posed by the commercial sectors; analysing their contribution to the urban economy and boosting relations and participation between the authorities and commerce.

Who belong to it and when it is convened?

Its composition is currently being updated. The City and Commerce Forum is held at least once a year.

What is the Council and what are its functions?

It is the City and Commerce Forum’s permanent body. It is a consultative and participatory body that influences how the commercial sector’s policies are made. Its goals are to propose, inform and study municipal initiatives, projects and policies that affect the city’s commercial sector. In this case, it meets up at least twice a year. Its composition is also currently being updated.