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The tourist shopping zone within which opening on Sundays and bank holidays is permitted, is to be extended

As of 2022, the city’s most important tourist shopping zone (ZGAT) has been extended, with the corresponding change in permitted opening hours, with the agreement of the Fundació Barcelona Comerç, Barcelona Oberta, PIMEC Comerç, the Foment del Treball employers’ association, the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (ANGED), the Confederation of Workers' Commissions (CCOO) and UGT trade unions, and support from Barcelona City Council, as well as the green light from the Government of Catalonia.

On this page, you will find all the information you need on the expansion of the tourist shopping zone. There are also details of the city’s calendar, and trading hours. In Catalonia, authority over the regulation of trading hours falls both to the State and to the Government of Catalunya, which regulates opening hours through clause 4 of Act 18/2017, of 1 August, on commerce, services and fairs, section IV.

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The limits of the new major tourist shopping zone, district by district.

The request from Barcelona City Council to modify the boundaries of the tourist zone in terms of trading hours was approved by Resolution the Catalan Government’s Director General of Commerce on 29 April 2022. Therefore, in the newly defined zone, shops will be able to open on Sundays and public holidays, from 12 pm to 8 pm, between 15 May and 15 September, both dates inclusive. 

Specifically, the newly defined tourist shopping zone, which includes areas 1 and 2 of the Special Tourist Accommodation Plan (PEUAT), can be viewed on this map. Details of the perimeter, district by district, can be found in the drop-down texts below. Please note that the boundary always includes the inside pavement of the perimeter.

Ciutat Vella

All neighbourhoods in the district are included. These are: : 

  • La Barceloneta
  • El Gòtic
  • El Raval
  • Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera


All neighbourhoods in the district are included. These are: : 

  • L'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample
  • La Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample
  • La Dreta de l'Eixample
  • El Fort Pienc
  • La Sagrada Família
  • Sant Antoni



All neighbourhoods in the district are included. These are: : 

  • Sants
  • Hostafrancs

Includes part of the neighbourhoods of: 

  • El Poble-sec: perimeter consisting of Avinguda Paral·lel, Pg. Josep Carner, Pg. de Montjuic, Camí de la Font-trobada, Pg. de Miramar, Carrer de l’Exposició, Carrer de Margarit, Carrer de Julià (includes Passatge de Julià, Carrer Cariteo and Passatge de Martràs), Pg. de Sta. Madrona, Carrer de la Guàrdia Urbana, Carrer Rius i Taulet, Carrer Mèxic, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes
  • La Font de la Guatlla: perimeter consisting of Carrer Mèxic, Carrer de Francesc Ferrer Guàrdia, Carrer dels Montfar, Carrer de la Dàlia, Carrer de la Guatlla, Carrer Crisantem, Carrer de la Font Florida, Carrer de la Mineria, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes


Les Corts

Only includes the neighbourhood of: 

  • Les Corts


Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

Includes all of the neighbourhood of: 

  • Sant Gervasi - Galvany

Includes part of the neighbourhood of: 

  • El Putxet i el Farróperimeter consisting of Carrer Balmes, Ronda General Mitre until Jardí de Josep Amat, Carrer del Putxet, Carrer de Cadis, Carrer de Manacor, Carrer d’Agramunt, Avinguda de la República Argentina, Avinguda Riera de les Cassoles, Via Augusta.



All neighbourhoods in the district are included. These are: : 

  • La Vila de Gràcia
  • El Camp d'en Grassot i Gràcia nova
  • La Salut

Includes part of the neighbourhood of: 

  • Vallcarca i els Penitents: eastern part of the neighbourhood, up to the Vallcarca Viaduct – Pl. Mons. 


Horta - Guinardó

Only includes the neighbourhood of:

  • El Baix Guinardó


Sant Martí

All neighbourhoods in the district are included. These are: : 

  • El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou
  • La Vila Olímpica del Poblenou
  • El Poblenou
  • Diagonal Mar i el Front Marítim del Poblenou


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Barcelona trading calendar 2022

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Barcelona trading calendar 2022

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Permits for changing shop opening hours for special events

Under exceptional circumstances, for the purposes of holding entertainment, cultural, festive and other special events, trading hours may be extended beyond the established time, subject to a reasoned request from the City Council, and prior authorisation from the Catalan Government’s Directorate-General of Commerce, under the provisions of Act 18/2017, of 1 August, on Commerce, Services and Fairs. 

 Authorization for the extension of business hours to celebrate the Open Day on May 6 in the agreed area of Poblenou.

Municipal regulations

For the purposes of public order, local authorities may agree to the mandatory night-time closing of establishments that intend to invoke any of the opening hour exemptions, by sending the corresponding communication to the Directorate-General of Commerce.

This regulation is in force in the following districts of Barcelona:


Trading hours notices

Commercial establishments must display their opening hours in such a way that the information is visible to the public, even when the establishment is closed. Establishments that are essentially dedicated to the provision of services, such as hairdressers, beauty centres, launderettes, internet cafés, etc., are exempt from opening hour restrictions.