Digital Innovation

Support entrepreneurship and promote inclusion in the digital economy. Support the use of digital technology to address social challenges and promote circular economy models. Invest in research and development, as well as empowering sharing economy alternatives such as platform cooperatives and the maker movement.

Digital Economy

Technology has changed the economic environment all over the world, and technological and digital entrepreneurship has become a new hub of activity, Barcelona City Council, with Barcelona Activa as its main ally, aims to contribute to the development of the city's technological economy and digital ecosystem by offering services, programmes, activities and facilities that are part of its current portfolio and by creating new ad hoc projects that will place the City of Barcelona on the map of cities that wish to become major players in the technological and digital area.

Featured projects

Make in BCN

Barcelona is recognised as a leading player in the global Maker movement, with a wide variety of digital manufacturing workshops and innovation centres originating with the general public. There is a clear public commitment to these innovation and collaboration centres through the Fab Lab network, which offers educational programmes for families and works with social innovation criteria.

The Maker movement, which arose as a social movement within the association and citizen network, democratises technologies and pursues concepts like "do-it-yourself", the circular economy, Kilometre Zero and open technology and democracy.

BIT Habitat-i.lab

Barcelona is opting for innovation and understands the city as a setting and platform for relations, as a place of urban and social innovation. Barcelona sees itself as a grand laboratory for its creative talent, its resident communities and its knowledge centres.

Projects like BIT Habitat develop an area for co-creation with the general public and the confluence of new technologies, such as open data and big data, robotics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, in order to ensure sustainability and social and environmental impact.

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