MediaTIC Incubator

Description / Objectives

Specialises in businesses with a high technological impact.

Barcelona is opting for technology as the seed for innovation and the source of business creation and benefits for society. The new MediaTIC Incubator, specialising in technology and innovation, with a clear vocation for viability, impact and benefit for society, is a priority which will support new projects in this field.

Technology- and innovation-intensive entrepreneurial projects invest considerable effort and resources into developing distinguishing solutions and products with great added value for customers, other companies and society itself. What’s more they help to create quality jobs.

These companies, set up with a global vocation, also use Barcelona as a testing ground, boost the city’s rich scientific and technological ecosystem (universities, research centres and other innovation institutions) and are able to bring their projects to the market.

Barcelona has an ecosystem of exceptional universities and research centres in several strategic sectors of the future, which makes the city a potential focus for technological and innovative enterprise in the digital field.

The creation of the MediaTIC Incubator will bring huge benefits to Barcelona and position it as a modern, futuristic city, in addition to offering direct benefits to the general public.

The new incubator is a centre for businesses with a high technological impact, with projects applied first and foremost to artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotics, space technologies and nanotechnology.

The goal is to enable the transfer of technology and knowledge to the market while strengthening the digital and innovative ecosystem in the city, to turn Barcelona into a benchmark environment.

It will have an intellectual corner for carrying out crosslanding initiatives with various cities around the world, including New York. That way foreign businesses will be able to set themselves up here to conduct market-testing strategies.

The incubator will give priority to women-led projects to promote their presence in this sector.




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