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Barcelona Society Journal

Barcelona Societat Journal

Barcelona Societat Journal was born in 1993 seeking to promote studies and social research directly linked to the city of Barcelona, making visible the work of experts and professionals from the academic or state management field; from a technical or political level, from the private, state or associated sectors who look to influence welfare, quality of life and equality policies.

Barcelona Society Journal is a publication that chooses information converted into useful knowledge and openly transferred, not only for the analysis and theoretical interpretation of social phenomena and processes, but also to serve as a tool for the planning and management of services.

For that reason, the Journal mainly brings together local research and other investigations based on statistical municipal sources or from other institutions or local authorities. It is also open to the collaboration of experts and researchers from other institutions, municipalities and organizations, academic centres and universities who provide their research and contribute to the knowledge of the social reality in Barcelona city. It includes, as well, the knowledge of professionals, teams, organizations, associations, etc.

Barcelona Society starts the new period aiming to become a tool to record innovative practices in social policies in the city which are already being implemented, in order to project the experiences in the city and beyond, making them available and adaptable to other realities.


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