1 January, 2018 (All day) to 31 December, 2031 (All day)

BaumannLab offers various resources for young creators.

Through this permanent opening, BaumannLab offers various resources for young creators to assist them with realising their artistic and cultural projects.

Artistic discipline

Multidisciplinary Arts

Who it is aimed at

This opportunity is aimed at young people of up to 35 years of age (born from 1983 onwards) or those who are part of collectives that are mostly comprised of individuals who meet this requirement, and also youth organisations or agents, and entities or collectives from other professional fields, as long as the submitted proposals are aimed at or involve the participation of mostly young people.

Types of proposals:

  1. Collective or individual exhibition projects
  2. Proposals for training sessions, one-off or permanent activities in the form of programmes
  3. Those that require the use of the Medialab and its equipment
  4. Those that require the use of the spaces (which will be described later on)

Amounts and aid

BaumannLab will collaborate and maintain ongoing dialogue with the proposals selected for this opportunity. The work process will be monitored to ensure the proper use of public resources and to promote synergy with other projects from BaumannLab and the Servei de Joventut i Lleure (Office for Youth and Leisure).

The selected projects will be part of BaumannLab’s dissemination programme and will include a proposal for the communication of the results or the work process. All the selected projects will have access to the resources of the Medialab and the Servei de Joventut i Lleure, as well as the work network that exists with other entities and users of Terrassa.

Application date

Ongoing acceptance of proposals


Servei de Joventut i Lleure Infantil
Ajuntament de Terrassa
Avinguda Jacquard, 1
08222 Terrassa


  • L’Antena is a mechanism to facilitate the participation and collaboration of local agents and entities with the activity of BaumannLab, and facilitate the use of its resources. The open-call format aims to ensure that this participation channel remains transparent and responds to the objectives of the open-to-all criteria.
  • Every two months (maximum), the selection committee will select the proposals it deems most suitable.
  • To stimulate and encourage the submission of proposals, L’Antena proposes four project types, however, projects that do not fit these modalities will be accepted provided they meet the selection criteria that will be defined below.
  • All submitted projects must be careful to respect the recognition of authorship and avoid using the privileged information that has been provided as a source of inspiration for future personal productions.
  • L’Antena’s offer is not designed as a grant, but rather as a space for collaboration that takes two forms:
    • Hosting: Making the resources and infrastructures for production and dissemination available to the selected proposals and providing them with any advice they need.
    • Coproduction: In cases where it is deemed appropriate, BaumannLab can suggest that the persons in charge of a proposal participate in a coproduction format, which BaumannLab will make an economic contribution towards while also taking an active role in the development of the project.

Assessment criteria

BaumannLab will look positively on proposed projects that are aligned with its objectives and those of its target users. These objectives are as follows: 

  • Encouraging the development of a critical attitude among children and young people through artistic practices.
  • Promoting the visibility of the youth universe and its vision of the world in the town of Terrassa.
  • Facilitating the training and professionalisation of young creators in relation to contemporary art practices.
  • Promoting artistic research and the production and development of processes related to artistic works.
  • Promoting the production of collective creativity through the establishment of a network of relationships between institutions, entities, collectives and other agents who share the objectives of BaumannLab, and through the overlapping work of the programmes run by Servei de Joventut. 


Artists, collectives and cultural agents with links to the territory will be prioritised.
Clarity in the presentation of documents and compliance with the formats specified in the terms of the announcement will be considered an asset.
Experimentation with new ways of using language and forms of expression and communication will be looked upon favourably. This also applies to experimentation with new work methodologies and processes. Interaction with the territory and exploration of new ways of linking the artistic practice to youth dynamics and social context will be viewed positively. Applying for this opportunity implies complete acceptance of these terms, as well as any resolution implemented by the organisation regarding any issues not mentioned herein.


A technician from Servei de Joventut i Lleure and a local visual artist will be responsible for selecting the successful candidates. For types 1 and 2, a member of the Bau House team will also participate in the selection process. 

Application process

To apply for this opportunity, the following documentation must be provided:

  1. The application form. The link is included on this page.
  2. Proposal for the submitted project (in accordance with the attached outline).
  3. If applicable, graphic and text-based documentation of recent projects, which can be submitted on a CD or through a download link.


Documentation must be submitted to: BaumannLab, Servei de Joventut i Lleure Infantil, Ajuntament de Terrassa. Avinguda Jacquard, 1 08222 Terrassa
Contact:+34 93 784 83 90 baumannlab@terrassa.cat. Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 14:30. Monday to Wednesday, 16:00 to 19:00

Contact information: 

Servei de Joventut i Lleure Infantil
Ajuntament de Terrassa
Av. jacquard, 1
08222 Terrassa
93 784 83 90
Horario: de lunes a viernes de 9:00 a 14:30 y de lunes a miércoles de 16:00 a 19:00

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