The body as an 'archiva'
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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The body as an 'archiva'

The body as an 'archiva'
Fils Feministes, Isabel Franc, Bárbara Ramajo, Linda Porn and Genderhacker


Friday 26 June, 6.30 pm. Espai 4
In-person tickets sold out. This activity will be streamed live on this page.

Archivas FF: Feminist proposals for memory and the deconstruction of archives is a cycle of activities that invites the participation of individuals, groups or organisations interested in experimenting with new ways of transposing feminist, transfeminist and queer activist practices to the actual structure of militant archives. Should we set aside the masculine Spanish word archivos and invent the feminine archivas instead?

For feminisms, the body is a space for generating wisdom, knowledge and personal and collective memory. Several generations of activists have used it to guide the fight for the right to decide on desire, sexuality, reproduction and identity and have denounced it as a territory of conquest for masculinity, violence and the patriarchal war, and as a common good expropriated in households to reproduce an exploitable workforce to sustain capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy. From an artistic/political feminist point of view, the body is a space of textual representation, a somatic apparatus managed by the various biopolitical regimes that hierarchize us according to class, ethnicity, gender and sex. For example, covid-19 has imposed on us isolation, virtuality and non-corporeality in order to take care of ourselves, and it has been women, migrants, racialized people and essential workers who have offered their bodies to sustain life. We offer our bodies and become a collective body in mobilizations, actions and social transformations. Our Latin American companions reinvent the body as cuerpa (the feminine form of cuerpo, ‘body’ in Spanish) and defenders of human rights and territories use acuerparse (‘joining forces’) as an action of defence, emancipation and healing ...

18.30 pm. Roundtable: The body as a political and cultural archiva. Moderated by Fils Feministes. With the participation of Isabel Franc, Bárbara Ramajo and Linda Porn.

8.00 pm. Performance: Gendernaut: Queering the archive. Genderhacker (20’).

Archivas FF
Centre de Documentació Ca La Dona