A new archivist
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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A new archivist

A new archivist
Eva Cruells, Joana García Grenzner, Diego Marchante, María Zafra, Mercè Otero, Gracia Trujillo and Lucía Egaña


Friday 6 March, 6.30 pm. Espai 4
Free entrance. Limited places

Archivas FF: Feminist proposals for memory and the deconstruction of archives is a cycle of activities that invites the participation of individuals, groups or organisations interested in experimenting with new ways of transposing feminist, transfeminist and queer activist practices to the actual structure of militant archives. Should we set aside the masculine Spanish word archivos and invent the feminine archivas instead?

The cycle will include the presentation for the first time in public of the project Archiva FF, a historical documentary investigation of written, oral, photographic and audiovisual sources on the last 40 years of the feminist movement in Catalonia conducted by the group Fils Feministes, made up of Eva Cruells, Joana García-Grenzner, Diego Marchante and María Zafra. The project articulates an extensive historical investigation through a diverse spectrum of thematic threads that the feminist, queer and trans movements have been weaving for the last four decades in our context. These genealogies bring together a whole series of historical and artistic events, groups, actions, campaigns, exhibitions, interviews and so forth, to form a complex amalgam of relationships between art, politics, memory and feminist activism.

Through several roundtables we will centre on the life histories of activists of different generations who have driven the feminist movement from the 1970s to the present day. Can we generate knowledge and wisdom from the narratives of personal experiences understanding them as political experiences?

In order to question the power relations that are intrinsic in the actual structure of the archive and put forward new ways of viewing feminist narratives based on the concept of genealogies we have designed a software tool called Gendernaut: Queering the software, a transmedia and performative project that conceives the archiva as a living interactive space, free of heteropatriarchal codes, inhabited by multiple bodies and subjectivities that relate past, present and future. Can we corrupt the archive through deconstructive tools such as performance, parody and cross-dressing?

6.30 pm. Presentation of the projects Fils Feministes: Seguint el fil del moviment feminista a Catalunya and Gendernaut: Queering the software. With the participation of Eva Cruells, Joana García Grenzner, Diego Marchante and María Zafra.

7.30 pm. Roundtable: A new archivist. Moderated by Fils Feministes. With the participation of Mercè Otero, Gracia Trujillo and Lucía Egaña.

8.30 pm. Exhibition and intervention on the chronology of Archiva FF.