Exhibition. "Battle of Montjuïc. Defending the city from the Castle"

The temporary exhibition "Battle of Montjuïc. Defending the city from the Castle" is going to open on Thursday 15 June at room 19 of the parade ground. Battle of Montjuïc was the combat that took place on 26 January 1641 in Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona seven months after the popular uprising known as the “Corpus de Sang” (Corpus of Blood, 7 June 1640). The exhibition is mainly narrated by the artwork that artist Pere Ginard has specialy created for the occasion. Twelve large-format images which recreate events, characters and scenes using a very personal technique, which combines engraving, photography or drawing to configure a whole from a very original point of view. The illustrations are accompanied by short informative texts written by the historian Dani Cortijo and that, through chapters, report the events, from the arrival of the Castilian troops to the victory of the Catalan hosts.