Planning your visit


Monday to sunday from 10am to 8pm

Closing ticket offices at 7:30Pm


General admission fee: 5€

Reduced admission fee: 3€ (for further information read the reduced & free admission fees document)

Free admission: Sundays after 3pm and every first Sunday of the month. People under 16 years old


GUIDED TOURS , they last for 1 hour

A guided visit through some areas of the Castle led by a guide

Guided tours timetable

               - Monday to Friday:                                                                                         

                  11.00am English                                                                    

                  11.30am French (Mondays and Fridays excluding Bank Holidays)                   

                  12.30pm Catalan Spanish                                                       

                  3.00pm English                                                                    

                  4:30pm Catalan Spanish                                                           

               - Weekends and Bank Holidays:

                 11.00am English   

                 12.30pm Catalan Spanish     

                 1.00pm Catalan

                 3.00pm English   

                 4.30pm Catalan Spanish     

  - General fee with guided tour: 9€  

  - Reduced fee with guided tour: 7€

  - Guided tour on open days: 4€


The admission ticket gives access to the temporary exhibitions as well as to the permanent one.

The ticket offices close 30 minutes before closing time.

No pets allowed.

Bicycles are not allowed in the Castle.