Premises for rent

Montjuïc Castle has different spaces to rent for hosting events and celebrations: the charm of places such as the Parade Ground, the Bastions, the Terrace and the Ravelin makes them great places for outdoor functions, from gala dinners to presentations.

The Castle also has rooms to rent for meetings, celebrations and courses (max. 50 people).


The parade ground 4.000 €
Terrace 4.000 €
Garden zone 2.500 €
Bastions Sant Carles and Santa Amàlia 2.500 €
Santa Elena's moat 1.500 €
Large rooms 300 €
Small rooms 200 €

You can consult the spaces in the following link.

  • The present amounts are without VAT. It does not apply.
  • They include the ordinary services of supplies, surveillance and cleaning.
  • If it is considered necessary to reinforce them, they will have to be assumed by the petitioner.


For requests and more information you can contact