The Night of Museums 2017


The Night of Museums 2017 took place last Saturday May the 20th at the Castle and has left us a great influx of visitors, innovative artistic experiences and a very good taste in the mouth thanks to the good food served at the food court.

3,036 visitors enjoyed the performance "Tortoise (Tortuga)" by Ariadna Guiteres, a resident artist of Hangar, which was performed at the parade ground and at the terrace of the Castle. The guided tours were also a great success and more than 250 people were able to access the watchtower of the Castle and view Barcelona lit up from the highest point of Montjuïc. The food trucks area was full all night and everyone was able to sample the culinary delights offered by the food caravans while listening to good music.
On behalf of the Castle, we have only to thank all the people who visited us during the Night of Museums 2017 and tell everybody that we hope to see you all again next year