Deciding what and where

First: the business idea

The initiative or project for setting up a commercial business stems from an initial idea and the first impulse to work for yourself. Being a retailer is a trade that you need to learn and perfect to be successful.

For the prior planning of your business, you need to bear some things in mind:

  • The product or service
  • The market
  • Finance
  • The legal entity


Second: locating your premises

Choosing the premises for your business is a key decision. You need to choose the best location to ensure its success. A really important factor to keep in mind is knowing what the pedestrian flow past the premises is like.

Barcelona has 21 shopping hubs and numerous traders' and retailers' associations spread across the city's various neighbourhoods. Getting to know them is vital for finding the right place for your business.

Premises can be rented or bought. This can be done through the owner of the premises, an estate agent or by consulting the Property Register.