Canòdrom/Dog Track – Digital And Democratic Innovation Centre

The Canòdrom/Dog Track – Digital And Democratic Innovation Centre is an open governance space specialising in critical technology, participative democracy and digital culture. Located at the emblematic dog track in the El Congrés i els Indians district, this is a leading space in the field of digital culture, working on three different levels: district/city/world.

Structured around a programme of training, open activities and resident projects, it contributes to reflecting on the major challenges facing online society. Canòdrom seeks to provide local residents with the tools to learn about and master technology, with an impact on its infrastructure: it is one of the first facilities in Barcelona equipped entirely with open-source software. The activities organised focus on encouraging a critical view of the use of technology, in addition to promoting the decision-making power of individuals via digital tools.

The Canòdrom has become a hub for digital and democratic innovation


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