Profit and Loss Account

Barcelona City Council aims to establish and achieve results in terms of the Profit and Loss Account (under the European System of Accounts (ESA)), for the purposes of ensuring the institution's financial rigour, prudence, solvency and sustainability. This section of the website gives you access to up-to-date forecasts on the Profit and Loss Account for the current financial year, according to the report signed by the Comptroller, as well as documents relating to financial annual reports, debt, ratings and information on payments to suppliers (in compliance with the 30-day payment measure).


For more information, consult the budget transparency indicators relating to budget position and the statistical series relating to result, revenues and expenditures in terms of ESA.


The Barcelona City Council Profit and Loss Account, which is calculated in terms of the European System of Accounts (ESA), show the main financial results of a fiscal year, highlighting the following 3 results:

  • Annual result (Capacity/Need for Financing (CNF)): CNF equals to budget surplus or deficit in terms of the European System of Accounts. It's the result of the difference between non-financial revenues (current revenues plus capital revenues) and non-financial expenditures (current expenditures plus capital expenditures) for a fiscal year. A positive CNF means a surplus, and so a financial capacity of the City Council (capacity to finance its own non-financial expenditures with its non-financial revenues). A negative CNF means a deficit, and so the need for financing (need to get financing from the financial markets in order to finance the unbalance between non-financial revenues and expenditures).
  • Annual excess/deficit CNF coverage: Represents the sum of the results obtained from the CNF and the net financial operations (financial revenues less financial expenditures). Shows the excess /deficit of total resources (financial and non-financial) generated in a fiscal year.