This section provides you with access to documents on the current situation and evolution of Barcelona City Council's debt.


For more information, consult the budget transparency indicators relating to debt and the statistical series relating to debt evolution.

Barcelona City Council Group debt detail

Financing 2020

Creation of the List of Collaborating Entities for the financing of the year 2020 and conditions for joining (Municipal Gazette Announcement 13/10/200 (PDF) [Cat]

List of entities adhering to the 2020 Financing (PDF) [Cat]

Acceptance certificate of offers and loan formalization (Government Commission of 12/21/2020) (PDF) [Cat]

Sustainability Bond 2017

City of Barcelona Sustainability Bond Framework (PDF)

Second-Party Opinion by Sustainalytics (PDF)

City of Barcelona Investors presentation (PDF)

Ministry of Finance and Public Function Authorization (BOE 2017/12/05) (PDF) [Cast]

Official Anouncement of Debt Issuance (BOE 2017/12/16) (PDF) [Cast]

Sustainable Bond Report 2018 (PDF) [Eng]