Property tax (IBI)

This tax is payable by the owners, beneficiaries, licence holders or holders of a surface right to any property (flat, parking space, storage facility, shop, house, office, etc.).

IBI tax byelaw
Metropolitan tax byelaw


The card payment option will not be operative between 11.30 pm and midnight


The direct debit option will not be available until further notice. Payment can still be made by debit or credit card

IBI and Metropolitan Tax credits

You can request a 50% discount on the full fee of the Metropolitan Tax if you are a natural person subject to the property tax and recognized as a large family by the Department of Social Welfare of the Government of Catalonia.

Consult the current fiscal ordinance to verify if you meet the requirements.

The Metropolitan Tax is a charge on the Property Tax (IBI) established to finance the provision of metropolitan public passenger transport services in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, including buses, metro, and tram.

How to apply for the discount:

  • First, pay the property tax. 
  • Then, fill out the application form and submit it to the Barcelona Metropolitan Area offices or apply directly online through the Barcelona Metropolitan Area website. 
  • Once the necessary checks are completed, the discount amount will be deposited into the bank account provided in the application.
  • The discount must be requested each year before December 10th. 
Change of ownership/name

Notify the change of ownership of the property:

  • Online 
  • Calling the toll-free number 010 (931 537 010 if calling from outside the metropolitan area of Barcelona) 
  • At the Municipal Tax Institute by appointment. 

The owner as of January 1st is obligated ti pay the full tax, even if the property is transferred later.

The new owner must pay the tax starting from the year following the acquisition date.

Who has to pay the IBI?

It is paid by persons who have rights over real estate (flat, house, parking space, storage room, shop, professional office, etc.), in the following order: licence holder, holders of a surface right, beneficiaries and owners.

  • A person who has taxable person status on 1 January is obliged to pay the full tax, even if the transfer of the property takes place at a later date.
  • If a transfer takes place, the new owner has to pay the tax from the year following the date of acquisition of the property.
How much is the IBI to be paid?

The calculation of the IBI is based on the assessed value (which is fixed by the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the data contained in the land registry and taking into account the value of the land and the value of the construction). The legally established reductions are applied to this value, which is the gross tax base, and the net tax base is obtained. The tax rate set by the IBI tax ordinance for each year is applied to this net tax base. The result is the tax liability.

The tax payable, or total tax due minus tax credits, is obtained once the deductions or allowances have been subtracted from the tax liability.

Together with the IBI, but as a separate tax, the Metropolitan Tax (which is intended to contribute to the funding of metropolitan services) is also paid. This tax is collected in all municipalities in the metropolitan area.




Land registry: Land registry collaboration agreement

The main axes of this agreement are:

  • The City Council, under a management assignment regime, handles the processing of cadastral alterations of a legal nature (transfers of ownership).

  • The City Council, under a management assignment regime, handles the processing of physical and economic alterations.
  • Interadministrative collaboration actions regarding public assistance and notification of values.

Agreement between the State Secretary of Finance and Budgets (General Directorate of Cadastre) and the Barcelona City Council, for collaboration in cadastral management.


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