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MÁS ALLÁ o les diferents manifestacions culturals de la mort

Meggie Folchart

FERNÁNDEZ CAMPOS, Silvia Más allá Madrid: Pastel de Luna, 2017   Com tractar la mort amb els infants? Com explicar un esdeveniment tan natural però dolorós i sovint difícil d’entendre? Com han tractat les diferents cultures i religions al llarg del temps el fet de morir? Què passa després que una persona es mori? Preguntes […]

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In the areas of children's libraries you'll find books to enjoy reading books, to learn and do the homework , and other types of materials such as comic books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs and video games.

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    Special collections

    Some children areas have a collection that specializes in a specific topic.

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    Digital book

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    Expert corner

    Documentation Service of Children's Literature of Xavier Benguerel aims to preserve, study and disseminate everything that is related to the production, promotion and study of children's literature, paying special attention in the works and authors in Catalan.



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