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Barcelona bullia, tot era un sofregit de grandesa i de campi qui pugui

Josep Mª de Sagarra

Barcelona és la ciutat que crida, que maquina, que lluita i que enamora

Irene Polo

Me sentí conmovido en aquella ciudad hermosa, lunática e indescifrable

Gabriel García Márquez

Por primera vez me sentía suelta y libre en la ciudad

Carmen Laforet

It was the first time that I had ever been in a town where the working class was in the saddle

George Orwell

Je vis scintiller à mes pieds, pareille à un grand morceau de quartz fracassé, une cité méditerranéenne

Simone de Beauvoir

La ville oscillait entre l’insurrection et la fête populaire

Mathias Énard

Ets rígida i espessa perquè estàs en ordre de batalla

Josep Carner

Abaixeu, si escriviu, les persianes!

J. V. Foix

Barcelona! Ho tenim tot i no som ditxosos

Francesc Pujols

Vieron el mar, hasta entonces dellos no visto

Miguel de Cervantes

From October 15 to 21, the "Open City Biennial of Thinking" in Barcelona.

The literapolisbcn mobile app will enter the institutes next year 2018-2019.

2018 Edinburgh International Book Festival, from del 11th to 27th August.


Main literary events this week in Barcelona

25 Sep
25 September 
The Darkening Age

Presentation of this essay by Catherine Nixey, about the Christian destruction of the Classical World

26 Sep
26 September 
Stories for kids, with Vivi Lepori

Stories in Catalan and English as part of the European Day of Languages

30 Sep
30 September 
Poetry Slam Tournament

An evening of spoken word and poetry performance with 10 slammers 

Barcelona City of Literature
Complete guide of the city’s literary events
Here you’ll find every literary event in the city, gathered in the GuiaBCN of the Barcelona City Council
Literary Radar

Selection of local and international pieces on literature

The Salacious Non-Mystery of "The Real Lolita" | The New Yorker | 17/09/18

In The Real Lolita, Sarah Weinman tells the story of the crime against Sally Horner, which Nabokov probably used for his novel. 

Opening a bookstore, instructions for use | The New Barcelona Post | 11/09/18

There's a new bookstore in town: Carol Porta and Dioni Porta have opened the Obaga Bookstore, at the upper sector of Girona street.

Han Kang to bury next book for almost 100 years in Norwegian forest | The Guardian | 31/08/18

Han Kang's next novel is part of the Future Library Project, which means that it won't be published for another hundred years.

For the Ugly Ones: The Spiky Feminist Anger of Virginie Despentes | The Paris Review | 5/09/18

Lauren Elkin rediscovers Virginie Despentes and writes about rage, the violence of women and against women or the female grotesque.

Conversations with Sally Rooney: the 27-year-old novelist defining a generation | The Guardian | 25/08/18

She's been dubbed a Salinger for the Snapchat generation: Sally Rooney says she writes "stories about fake people". 

‘Different sex. Same person’: how Woolf’s Orlando became a trans triumph | The Guardian | 3/09/18

According to Jeanette WintersonVirginia Woolf's Orlando is the first English language trans novel, and here she explains why....