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Joy Williams Does Not Write For Humanity | THE NEW YORKER | 20/09/2021

In a new novel, the author's dark, surprising language mourns for the world we've demolished.


And then there were two: novel thought to have inspired Agatha Christie gets UK publication | THE GUARDIAN | 16/09/2021

'The Invisible Host' has remarkable parallels with Christie's most successful work.


A Cautionary Tale About Science Raises Uncomfortable Questions About Fiction | THE NEW YORKER | 06/09/2021

Benjamín Labautut's Sebaldian "When We Cease to Understand the World' grapples with science's moral quandaries, but what is real and what is imagined?


Miss Marple back on the case in stories by Naomi Alderman, Ruth Ware and more | THE GUARDIAN | 31/08/2021

Agatha Christie's beloved sleuth to return in new authorised collection.


Simone De Beauvoir's Lost Novel Of Early Love | THE NEW YORKER | 23/08/2021

Beauvoir wrote about her passion for a doomed friend again and again.


The Two Sides of Ha Jin | THE NEW YORKER | 16/08/2021

His early stories of China deployed unsparing brutality, but his latest novel shows his affinity for stoicism, irony, and modesty