From Barcelona to the World

The UNESCO designation ‘City of Literature’ recognises excellence and places an obligation on cities to nurture and support their artform, which in the case of Barcelona is Literature, and collaborate internationally by sharing best practices, supporting freedom of speech and through projects which ensure literature reaches as wide and diverse an audience as possible, locally and internationally.

Here you’ll find information regarding residency programs for writers and/or translators in other cities of the Literature Network as well as other mobility programs. Most of them give preference to writers/translators coming from other Cities of Literature and, sometimes, exclusivity

Tartu City of Literature 
2 Months (octobre-novembre) in the Karl Ristikivi Museum, 600€/month and 350€ for travel expenses

Ulyanovsk Unesco City of Literature
1 month (June or September) covered travel and accommodation expenses

Praga City of Literature 
2 months in an apartment 600€/month and travel expenses

Granada Ciudad de la Literatura 
1 Month (Novembre) in the Corrala de Santiago, 600€ and accomodation

Krakow City of Literature 
1 month a Villa Decius, 2500 PLN and travel expenses

Rejkjavik City of Literature 
2-8 weeks in Grondalshús

Heidelberg City of Literature 
3 months (february-april) in Dilsberg, 3750€ and travel expenses

Iowa City of Literature 
University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, a 10 week residency programme

Dunedin City of Literature
Seresin Landfall Residency is open to over 21 writers who published at least one book

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