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Sant Jordi. Activities are being organised in all city districts for the day of books and roses, with community centres, libraries, museums and other facilities all involved.

The objective of the call is to offer a space for work, inspiration, and exchange.


The emblematic street is the backbone of the 16th edition of the Noir Fiction Festival, which adapts to the current circumstances.

She will talk on January 18 with the journalist Xavier Aldekoa.

They are Edurne Portela, Karolina Ramqvist, Janne Teller and Najat el Hachmi and the debate will take place on the afternoon of September 21st.

Il·lustració d’Isabelle Duverger - Laia Cabrera & Co.

Virtual readings, conversations and music organized by the Farragut Fund for Catalan Culture in the U.S.

Literary Radar

Selection of local and international pieces on literature

Exhibition reveals how Shakespeare’s Hal has excused royal heirs for centuries | THE GUARDIAN | 15/07/2021

New show uncovers a long tradition to excuse their own behaviour.


Why do so few men read books by women? | THE GUARDIAN | 09/07/2021

Data shows men are reluctant to read women, and this has real world implications.


A Flight Attendant Drafted Her Novel On Cocktails Napkins | THE NEW YORK TIMES | 30/06/2021

T. J. Newman received a seven-figure advanced for 'Falling', her debut book.


The Man Rewriting Prison From Inside | THE NEW YORKER | 27/06/2021

Quntos KunQuest debuts with his first novel 'This Life'.


Janet Malcolm, a Writer Who Emphasized the Messiness of Life With Slyness and Precision | THE NEW YORK TIMES | 19/06/2021

America's finest nonfiction writer died last week.


Els autors de 'Molt a favor' proposen un Pacte per la Llengua | EL TEMPS | 17/06/2021

Vuit lingüistes fan 57 propostes per fer créixer l'ús social del català.