The tribute day, which will take place on 15 October, will focus on the trilogy 'El día del Watusi', considered a cult novel about Barcelona in the 20th century.

The event will take place in the Icelandic capital in April next year and will feature writers such as Jeannette Walls, Omar El Akkad and Phil Klay.

The British author has spent three weeks in Barcelona in the first year that she has devoted herself to writing full time.

They are Olga Tokarczuk and J. M. Coetzee, and also will be there the writers Edurne Portela and Mathias Énard and the editor Valerie Miles.

The Australian author left the literary residence "with a living and inspiring project".

The Australian writer and journalist has been working on a new novel in her residence at the MUHBA Vil-la Joana.

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