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The objective of the call is to offer a space for work, inspiration, and exchange.


The emblematic street is the backbone of the 16th edition of the Noir Fiction Festival, which adapts to the current circumstances.

She will talk on January 18 with the journalist Xavier Aldekoa.

Literary Radar

Selection of local and international pieces on literature

Art and War: World War II Graphic Novels | New York Public Library | 23/03/2021

The graphic novel format offers a unique way to approach World War II as it creates a multisensory experience. 


How Would the Publishing World Respond to Lolita Today? | Lit Hub | 16/03/2021

Jenny Minton Quigley on the novel her father published. 


“On the Road,” Again | Los Angeles Review of Books | 12/03/2021

Taking Jack Kerouac for another spin on the author's 99th birthday. 


Translating a Book Caught Between Two Languages | The New York Times | 02/03/2021

In "An I-Novel" Minae Mizumura fictionalizes her American life by uniting the style of two languages and cultures.


Why the End of Atonement Is a Triumph for Unreliable Narrators | Vulture | 25/02/2021

The ending of Ian McEwan’s 2001 novel reminds readers that fiction without misrepresentation is impossible. 


50 Great Classic Novels Under 200 Pages | Lit Hub | 17/02/2021

List of short novels originally published before 1970.