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Il·lustració d’Isabelle Duverger - Laia Cabrera & Co.

Virtual readings, conversations and music organized by the Farragut Fund for Catalan Culture in the U.S.

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Picasso Pablo (dit), Ruiz Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Paris, musÈe national Picasso - Paris. MP1146.

Two temporary exhibitions that look into the relationship between the painter from Málaga’s poetic side and his relationship with Paul Éluard.

Literary Radar

Selection of local and international pieces on literature

Charles Dickens wrote no fairytale endings – or did he? | The Guardian | 23/06/2020

The great writer's final complete novel, Our Mutual Friend, could be described as a typical Dickens fairytale - if only there were such a thing. 


Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Author of ‘The Shadow of the Wind,’ Dies at 55 | The New York Times | 20/06/2020

Writer of one of the most successful Spanish novels ever published.


Literature and music are part of me | CCCB Lab | 03/06/2020

Singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas reflects on the relationship between music, literature and autofiction. 


Ernest Hemingway’s Grandson on an Unpublished Story from the Author’s Archive | The New Yorker | 01/06/2020

A conversation with Seán Hemingway. 


Look, don't touch: what great literature can teach us about love with no contact | The Guardian | 22/05/2020

With our increased physical distance from each other, novels about forbidden touch and longing are more seductive than ever. 


This Is No Time to Read Alone | The New York times | 20/05/2020

In lockdown and through our screens, we're reminded of all that's special and strange about group reading: a solitary, private act made public.