Biblioteques especialitzades

In Barcelona, there are some two hundred libraries that hold documents and references. Many works of fiction are based on, or inspired by the information contained in these archives and documentation centres, which allow writeres to create situations and storylines set in times gone by.

  • Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya. Located since 1939, in the old Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona, a Gothic building dating back to 1401, the Biblioteca de Catalunya conserves the Catalan over three million copies of manuscripts, printed books, graphic material, sound files, photographs and audio-visuals, newspapers and magazines.  It includes the most important collection of books on the Quichotte and Miguel de Cervantes in the world in the Sala Cervantina.
    Biblioteca de Catalunya


  • Arús Public Library. Founded in 1895 by a shopkeeper with artistic and intellectual curiosity, Rossend Arús, who was also promoter of the magazines “La llumanera de Nova York” and “La luz”, this library is specialized in nineteenth and twentieth century culture and society. with collections on working class, anarchism and freemasonry.
    Biblioteca Arús - Ramon Ojeda


  • Biblioteca Tàpies Foundation. Situated in the building of the old Montaner i Simón publishing house on Carrer Aragó, this is a contemporary art library houses a significant amount of work by Antoni Tàpies. It has over 50,000 books, more than 500 periodicals and 800 videos.
    Biblioteca Fundació Tàpies


  • Biblioteca Jacques Dupin Joan Miró Foundation. Octagonal shaped, this is one of the libraries with the best views over the city and the most natural light. It houses a bibliographic and audio-visual collection of art from the twentieth century. It also comprises an Archive with over 10,000 documents comprising drawings, drafts, and notes made by Joan Miró over the course of his life.
    Biblioteca Fundació Joan Miró -Pere Pratdesaba