The UNESCO Creative Cities Network

More than half of Earth's inhabitants live within cities, and it is said that by 2050 the figure will reach almost 80% of the world population. That is the reason why the UNESCO promotes the Creative Cities Network: to work together towards meeting challenges, and to share solutions using creativity and sustainable local development.

The aims of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network are:

  1. To reinforce the creation, production, distribution, and enjoyment of cultural goods and services on a local level.
  2. To promote creativity and creative expression. To broaden opportunities for creators and professionals in the cultural sector.
  3. To improve access to, and participation in, cultural life as well as the enjoyment of cultural goods.
  4. To integrate cultural and creative industries into local development plans.

Check here the complete UCCN's Mission Statement

Download the UCCN's leaflet.

The network is made up of 180 cities from 72 countries, and is divided into seven creative fields:

Crafts and Folk Arts
Media Arts